Why custom grow?

  • Some seeds are nearly impossible to germinate outside of a greenhouse.
  • Some of the best heirloom varieties in the world are not common enough to be sold at your local gardening store
  • Some of the most recently released, highest yielding, cutting edge hybrids are not yet being sold at your local gardening store
  • You want your plants to be grown from the start with a special custom soil mix  or unusual growing medium
  • You want unique floral centerpieces or favors for your wedding or special event, and you don’t want to be charged the “wedding-industrial complex tax”
  • You have saved the seed of a plant you grew last year and want an 100% guarantee that your seeds will grow into healthy plants.

We have years of experience custom-growing for home gardeners, small farmers, and other specialty customers.  Here are a few of our past custom grow projects:

  • An entire season worth of crops for a local sustainable farmer who appreciated taking the guesswork out of planting
  • Specialty dyeing plants for a fiber guild
  • Specialty dyeing plants and local wildflowers for a charter school garden
  • Unusually colored heirloom tomato varieties grown in a custom made organic growing mix for a local sustainable farmer
  • Rare herbs native to Israel and Jordan for a cook who missed the flavors of her home
  • An extremely productive newly released tomato hybrid for a local sustainable farmer


How it Works

  • You provide the seeds or we order the seeds for your convenience
  • You only pay for the plants that pass our health selection process
  • Ken’s consulting clients get a 15% discount on a single custom grow order of any size.
  • If you provide your own seeds, prices start at $13.00/flat of 48 plants.  Bulk discounts are available.